Welcome to the Tudor Mansion. Your Host, Mr. John Boddy, has met his untimely end. He’s the victim of foul play.
To win this game, you must determine the answer to these three questions: Who done it? Where? And with what Weapon?

Choose a character

Click on a character to choose your player. Once your character has been selected it will have a dotted border around it.
Click next to begin playing.

Collecting Clues

Click on the collect clues button to receive your clues. You will be given 4 suspects, 4 weapons, and 8 rooms.
Use the check list on the right to help eliminate the who did it, where it happened and what weapon was used.




Making an Accusation

Use the checklist to make an accusation. Every player has a 50/50 chance of guessing the correct suspect, weapon, and room.
You're only allowed to make 1 accustaion per game. Click submit once you have made your guess.




Make a Guess

Guess a suspect

Capitalize the name (ie: Mr. Green)

Guess a weapon

All lowercase letters (ie: lead pipe)

Guess a room

All lowercase letters (ie: ballroom)


After the submit button has been clicked a message will be displayed.
You win the game if your accusation is completely correct. If you lost the answer will be shown.

clue.caitlinbloomer.com says:

You lost. Mrs. Peacock is the murder.
He/she used a wrench as their murder weapon
and the murder occurred in the lounge.



  1. Remember all characters are suspects even your own!
  2. Use the check list to help keep track of which characters, rooms and weapons have been eleminated.
  3. When you make an accusation capitalization matters!!! Make sure you follow the example in the form labels before the input fields.